Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1 - installation issues

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Have you ever tried to install Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1? Installation process can be a little complicated especially when you install it for the first time. Installation guide is a quite long, so it is very likely that you will have to struggle with some issues during installation. I struggled with some problems during bootstrap process and initialization Commerce Server environment and I give you some tips how to resolve them. 

Bootstrap process

Problems started during bootstrap process. Running command http://localhost:5000/commerceops/Bootstrap() was not successful. I noticed on the screen a lot of errors. The resolution of this problem was quite simple. I had to change SQL server name in whole configuration JSONs files of Commerce Server. In case of any problems with bootstrap  find each appearance of "Server": "." in JSON files located in paths:

- CommerceAuthoring\wwwroot\data\Environments
- CommerceAuthoring\wwwroot\bootstrap 

and change it to your own server name. After that bootstrap command should be completed without errors.  

Initialization the Adventure Works environment 

Next issue that I needed to resolve was error:
Entity Adventure Works Catalog|AW535-11| was not found during initialization the Adventure Works environment with command http://localhost:5000/commerceops/InitializeEnvironment(environment='AdventureWorksShops').  If you have such error message try to open Commerce Server Catalog Manager and check if you have Adventure Works Catalog imported there. If not, import it manually. You will find Catalog.xml to import in path YourWebsite\Website\SitecoreCommerce\Data\Catalog\Catalog.xml. After that before you run initialization command again you need to remove all entries from CommerceEntities and CommerceLists tables in SitecoreCommerce_SharedEnvironments database and restart Commerce Server site in IIS.

Disabled option to import catalog in Commerce Server Catalog Manager

Before resolution of initialization the Adventure Works environment I needed to find out why I can't import any catalog to Commerce Server Catalog Manager. In my case option to import was disabled.

It was problem with IIS sites authentication. Changing CatalogWebService authentication in IIS to Windows Authentication and disabling all other authentication options resolved my problem. If you do not have available Windows Authentication in IIS as a option, you need to enable it in Windows Features.

Initialization the Habitat Authoring environment

The last one issue appeared during execution command: http://localhost:5000/commerceops/InitializeEnvironment(environment='HabitatAuthoring'). I had error: Entity Habitat_Master|7042071| was not found. In my case helped import of those two catalogs to Commerce Server Catalog Manager:

- CommerceAuthoring\wwwroot\data\Catalogs\Habitat_Master.xml

Remember to clean entries in SitecoreCommerce_SharedEnvironments database tables that I mentioned before and restart Commerce Server site in IIS before next initialization of Adventure Works and  Habitat Authoring environments.

I hope that those information will help you a little during whole installation process and save you some time. I keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck and enjoy Sitecore Commerce functionalities!

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