WFFM save action - Client Action checkbox

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I noticed interesting issue with WFFM a few months ago and I would like to share with you resolution of this issue. I have prepared some custom save action in Web Forms For Marketers module for Sitecore 8.2. Custom save action had been working as expected in my local Sitecore instance, which was single Sitecore instance not divided to Content Delivery and Content Management instances.

Problems appeared when I moved action to enviroment, in which Content Management and Content Delivery were divided to separate instances. The action was not triggering correctly in Content Delivery environment. After some investigation I have found out that action is still working in Content Management environment and then I found out what caused this issue.

In WFFM save action configuration there is section Submit and inside this section is located checkbox Client Action, which is marked in above screen. After checking this checkbox custom save action started working in CD environment. Without selecting Client Action checkbox action was triggering only in CM environment.

If you have similar issue with your custom save action remember about this checkbox if your custom action is not triggering in CD server, but is working in CM server. It may resolve your issue.

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