First SUG Poland meeting impressions

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I had pleasure to participe in first Sitecore User Group Poland meeting. It is newly created group, which connects Sitecore developers from Poland. The first meeting was in Białystok. I would like to give you some short description of this event and share with you my impressions.

The first presentation was about SXA. Robert Dębowski, Sitecore developer and blogger,  prepared good piece of practice knowledge about  this module. In few words SXA allows us to create pages faster than we think that is possible. It was good introduction to go deeper into SXA module usage. Thanks Robert.

Next presentation was prepared by Robert Senktas, Sitecore developer and blogger He was talking about Sitecore Azure Toolkit. He showed us how we can make Azure deployments using Sitecore Azure Toolkit.  Sitecore Azure Toolkit was completely new topic for me, so I'm happy that Robert shared his knowledge with us and I'm waiting for next Roberts presentation.

The last one presentation about SPEAK 2 was showed by Łukasz Skowroński, our Polish Sitecore MVP and blogger Łukasz gave us few valuable advice about creating Sitecore widgets using SPEAK 2. I think that after this presentation every of participants will be able to create first SPEAK 2 widget on their own.

Apart for very interesting presentations, sponsors of SUG Poland meeting prepared us some gifts, some books, some pizza and...

... some beer of course :)
Thank you guys for presentations and thank you Michał Janucik for photos from event!  I can't wait to next SUG Poland meeting to gain valuable knowledge, meet with my friends and have a great time in after party :)


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